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Managers/Coaches Expectations


Updated December 2021.

As we do every year at Layritz we need VOLUNTEER Coaches and Managers. It's never too early to get on our radar. Contact us today if you'd like to help out.


1. Manager/Coaches ask their team to arrive 60 minutes prior to game start (MAJORS), for warm up (or 45 minutes is OK too for MINORS) but make it a consistent time.

2. Manager/Coaches make sure your team does a pre-game team jog, stretch, some high knees, butt-kicks, lunges, and then, IN THE OUTFIELD do partner throwing until arms are warm. Then, begin drills like grounders, pop fly's and wiffle ball hitting). Try to have more than 1 coach assisting so there are multiple lines, and less kids standing around.

If time allows make sure you get your starting pitcher to work with starting catcher for 10-20 throws.

3. Each team should get a 10-minute infield warmup prior to game start.

4. Manager/Coaches must bring your pitch count sheets, scorekeeping sheets, and team assigned equipment. (5 minutes before game Managers meet with umpires to exchange lineups and discuss rules)

5. Manager/Coaches Try to have your lineup ready the night before, and hold parents accountable to helping you establish lineup deadline rules. Parents of players need to contact Manager/Coaches the day/night before if missing a game. Use Team Snap whenever possible to assist.

6. Lineup (positions) Manager/Coaches should rotate kids thru as many positions as possible all season long. Kids should play 2-3 positions in every game. (exceptions are 1B and Catcher for safety reasons) (You can start FRESH with your lineups for the playoffs)  (Contact for lineup rotation sheets)

7. Make sure you keep track the number of times a child sits off (substitutions) in a game and over the course of the season, and keep this number fair to all kids on team. (Or you will hear from a frustrated parent)

8. Managers/Coaches should try to use a rotating batting order all season long. (In regular season) If your #8 hitter bats last in the game you just finished, then your #9 hitter should bat first in the next game. (You can start FRESH for the playoffs)

9. Manager/Coaches should try to have 1x field practice each week, as well as 1x batting cage practice each week (if time allows)

10. Manager/Coaches should Assign or ask a parent to be the Team Manager (or Team Mom/Dad) (See below)

11. Lastly, For Manager/Coaches NO Shorts are allowed at Layritz when coaching Minors or Majors.

Coaches must wear pants and a Layritz ball cap. 


MANAGERS/COACHES PLEASE DO NOT EVER Line the fields, rake the fields, etc etc. Unless you just really love doing it.  The Parents MUST help out.

Team Manager should assign the following parent duties for ALL GAMES (House & Interlock): 

  • Pitch Counter
  • Scorekeeper

For House Ball games played AT Layritz Park (Minors/Majors)

  • The Home Team Sets Up Field (Pre Game Rake, Line the field, put out bases) (2 Parents needed)
  • The Visiting Team Takes Down Field (Post game rake, put bases away) (2 Parents needed)

For Interlock Games played AT Layritz Park (Minors/Majors)

  • The HOST PARK Sets Up Field (2 Parents needed)
  • The HOST PARK Takes Down Field (2 Parents needed)

For Interlock Games played at OTHER PARKS

  • No field prep is required
  • A scorekeeper is usually required to sit IN THE CLUBHOUSE at other parks.  Pitch counter can sit in bleachers, or close to coaches.

As we do every year at Layritz we need VOLUNTEER Coaches and Managers. It's never too early to get on our radar. Contact us today if you'd like to help out.