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Concession & Volunteer Duty

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Concession and Volunteer Duty

Concession Shift Sign up: Click here to sign up for your concession shift. Each family is required to complete two volunteer shifts per registered child within the Spring season. For more information, please contact

Reminder to sign-in for your shift (there will be a binder in the concession, initial beside your name) to ensure you receive credit. If you're new to the concession, don't fret ... its easy ... and fun! You'll have guidance to help learn the ropes at each shift. Its a great way to connect with the baseball community, and it helps the park run smoothly!

***Concession Shift Cancellation Policy: Once you have signed-up for a concession shift, you are unable to reschedule within 1-week of your scheduled shift. If within 1-week of your shift you know you are unable to make the shift, please do your best to find an alternate person to cover your shift on your behalf (e.g., family member, friend). If within 48 hours you are absolutely unable to have your shift covered and need to cancel, please email ASAP so that the shift can be opened and filled.