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Rain Protocol

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Rain Protocol

When in doubt - head to the park!

Weather in Victoria can change on a dime and our volunteers work hard to be consistent and diligent in making park status decisions.

  • If Saanich Parks closes the fields due to rain or field conditions it will be posted on our website/facebook by 4:30pm for weekday games and by discretion on weekends.
    • Weekday: No post at 4:30pm ==> Head to the park prepared to play ball
    • Weekend: No post 90 minutes prior ==> Head to the park prepared to play ball
  • The Park Supervisor onsite will then watch for field safety >> PARK OPEN/CLOSED final decision up to 5:30pm (weekday games)
  • If park closes, ALL GAMES are cancelled for the evening
  • If park is OPEN after 5:30pm (or 30 minutes pre-game) then it is the sole discretion of the Plate Umpire for each field respectively
  • Note: On weekends, every effort will be made to make a sound and timely call. Generally, if it is a park closure call, it will be made around 9:30am. Otherwise, if weather is unpredictable the park announcements will me made 90 minutes prior to first game. (Plate Umpire deciding thereafter)

Please remember SAFETY is always the number one priority