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Catchment Info

Required Documentation for Residency Verification

In order to be eligible to play at Layritz Little League players must:

  1. Attend (or have a sibling who attends) an eligible school within the Layritz LL catchment; OR

  2. Have parent(s) and/or legal guardian(s) who lives in the Layritz LL catchment; OR

  3. Have played at Layritz LL in the immediate previous season but have now moved or changed school [II(d) Waiver required].

*All New Players must include a copy of their birth certificate either when mailing in payment or bring it to in person registration to verify player’s age.

** Players who played on an All Star team in previous years who have a completed Player Verification Package on file and are in good standing with the league can use this rather than school form or residency documentation as long as the address or school used on form has not changed.

Complete an Official School Form if you attend an in-catchment school:  (please complete parent portion online before printing – League name: Layritz Little League; League ID: 552-07-15)

Cordova Bay Eagle View Lakeview Christian School
Lakewood Elementary Millstream Elementary Northridge Elementary
Prospect Lake Elementary Strawberry Vale Elementary Glanford Middle School
Royal Oak Middle School Claremont Secondary

Residency shall be established by: Documents containing the full residence which includes parent(s) or court appointed guardian(s) name, street address, city, province and postal code information, dated and in force between Feb 1, 2018 and Feb 1, 2019, from ONE or more documents from EACH of the 3 groups outlined below:

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
Driver's License Welfare/Childcare Records Voter's Registration
School Records Federal Records Utility Bills
Vehicle Records Provincial Records Financial Records
Employment Records Local (Municipal) Records Medical Records
Insurance Documents Support Payment Records Internet or Cable records
Homeowner/Tenant Records
Military Records

If player was registered at Layritz in the immediate past season and either lived in catchment or attended an in-catchment school and has since then moved out of catchment or changed schools then the player is eligible to continue with LLL and must complete a Form II(d) waiver AND provide address (full documentation as per above) or school confirmation from past season as well as for current season.OR

*Please complete as much as possible online before printing – League name: Layritz Little League; League ID: 552-07-15

Questions on eligibility and catchment at Layritz Little League? Please email